TouchWatch Beta 1.1

Configure a series of countdown timers


  • Simple, touch-friendly operation
  • Customizable wallpaper and notification sound
  • Vibration notification


  • Some clunky elements to the interface

Very good

Ever find that one countdown timer just isn't enough? Me too, and that's why I installed TouchWatch on my Pocket PC.

Imagine you need to do several things at once like boil an egg, run a bath, marinade a chicken, and wash some clothes in the washing machine. Ordinarily you would need four separate watches or timing devices in order to track how long each one has got left. Not with TouchWatch though, because the program lets you run up to four timers simultaneously.

Configuring the timers in TouchWatch is a simple affair. You just need to touch one of the four timers on display and use the corresponding arrow buttons to set the hours, minutes and seconds (you can't enter these manually, unfortunately).

Among the other features of TouchWatch are the ability to set auto notification and vibrate notification. You can also customize the background image and notification sound, although you'll need to enter the path to these files manually as there is no 'Browse' button.

It still feels very much like a Beta release (which it is) but TouchWatch is nevertheless an easy way to run multiple countdown timers.



TouchWatch Beta 1.1

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